Jumat, 11 April 2008

depkominfo insane!!

not enough with blocking main sites such as youtube and multiply,depkominfo are starting to check astro's channel.what's happen with those people?they dont have rights to restrict people to get information,i mean common info.come on,astro,which have a religion channel named astro awani still checked by them.Astro provide lotsa informattion,knowledge,and entertainment.lets think,if a stock company depends their business on bbc.com,or else,and they subscribe on astro,whats happen next u can imagine it.and about multiply,how many people lost their revenue because they are depending their business life in multiply?multiply has been becoming a main e business site,to sell their product.maybe it's informal way,but it has a close relationship with gnp in idon.maybe there are someways to reach those site,such as url.sc or more,but conventional people who do know much about internet cannot access those sites,perhaps.we'll see what's happen later.say goodbye to uud 45ps 28!!

not enough with blocking main site such as multiply and youtube,they

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